Checkup on aisle 5

Known for delivering a full continuum of services, Bon Secours Virginia has now opened its own line of convenient care clinics inside local Martin’s grocery stores.

Bon Secours FastCare will be similar to that of CVS Minute Clinic and Kroger’s The Little Clinic. A step down from urgent care facilities, FastCare will still offer a wide range of services – from treatment of minor injuries and illnesses like cold and flu to immunizations and screenings.

Recently, convenient care clinics have been a growing trend in the United States, with more than 1,700 locations nationwide. That number is expected to nearly double by 2016. By combining retail chains and health care, the goal is to potentially reduce emergency room traffic.

Patients visiting FastCare receive more than just convenient health care at a competitive cost; they also will be referred to a Bon Secours primary care physician if they don’t already have one. “One of the things we’ve really focused on is growing our primary physician client base,” said Robert Fortini, chief clinical officer of Bon Secours Medical Group.

FastCare clinics will be open for twelve hours Monday through Saturday, and eight hours on Sundays. With the sustained success and increase in convenient care clinics around the country, Bon Secours seems poised to provide good help to even more people. “It’s just the convenience factor,” Fortini said. “You can run out at lunch or stop to pick up milk and bread and get some health care.”

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