Bon Secours growing primary care services, with no interest in slowing down.

Bon Secours Medical Group is looking towards the future when it comes to primary care facilities in Hampton Roads. And if recent history is any indication, the goal is to grow their current number, exponentially.

Over the last five years, Bon Secours has increased the number of its medical providers in Hampton Roads by almost 50 percent, from 127 to 186. It doesn’t stop at just facilities either; physicians in the primary care market have increased by 65 percent in the last five years, from 31 to 51. In 2014, Bon Secours alone added 21 providers to its Hampton Roads medical group.

So, why the rapid growth? Three factors have played a major role.

More and more primary care physicians are finding it difficult to adapt to federal medical record requirements. So they are resolving the issue by joining hospital systems like Bon Secours to have access to greater medical records software and programs.

Secondly, the Affordable Care Act has resulted in the increase of insured patients, motivating them to visit primary care practices. In the process, its lead to a higher demand for doctors and other primary care providers.

Focusing on the patient, the benefit of increased primary care facilities means a more care-centered, multifaceted medical home for patients; where records and patient history is found in one place. Bon Secours has strived to create real relationships between the patient and physician, designed to improve the patient’s health through a full spectrum of referrals and services.

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