6 Lifestyle Changes to Consider Prior to Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgery lifestyle changes should begin long before you have any surgical procedure.

It doesn’t matter what type of surgery you plan to have. Whether it’s sleeve gastrectomy, an adjustable lap band or roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, you can increase your chances for success by making lifestyle changes today.

Weight-loss surgery will dramatically alter how you eat for the rest of your life. You’ll need to exercise and keep up with your doctor appointments. It’s a lot of change that requires a lifelong commitment. Many patients find it’s easier to start making changes before they have their surgery so the adjustment isn’t as challenging.

6 tips to make weight-loss surgery lifestyle changes:

  1. If you love to drink coffee or soda, be sure to wean yourself off these beverages. Giving up caffeine can cause headaches. Cutback slowly to ease your withdrawal.
  2. Quit smoking. And never start again. You’ll need to quit before you can weight-loss surgery. Smoking increases surgical complications. Seek help from your doctor if you need it.
  3. Get into the habit of eating three meals every day. Don’t skip breakfast. It causes many people to gain weight. After surgery, you may not feel like eating. Making sure you’re in the habit of eating three times throughout the day before surgery will help you continue proper eating.
  4. Start eating slowly. Weight-loss surgery patients cannot eat fast. Changes made to the stomach require you to eat slowly.
  5. Drink 64 ounces of water every day. Keep a water bottle with you so you can sip water all day long.
  6. Start a walking program. Find a friend to walk with or walk the dog. It’s OK if you have to walk short distances at a time. Try wearing a pedometer to motivate yourself. Walking is great exercise for everyone.

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